The Institute


THe Foundation of our Work


Our professional engagements span from monthly consulting retainers, one-off events, to the management and execution of the entire marketing operation for an international corporation. Each engagement is different, matching individual client needs with a distinct approach.


We have lead and supported the marketing campaigns for large brands from the inside out, launched tech starts-ups, initiated change management, produced award-winning live action, broadcast, event and digital content, managed teams of 150+, and managed over $500MM in media.


We tackle selective and sizable opportunities that pair partners with like-minded relationships between large brands, causes, non-profits, political entitites, entertainment IP, investors, developers, independent donors, grants and venture capitalists. Our business portfolio is valued at over $1BB.


We develop original content, products and experiences for brands, studios, non-profits, global leaders and corporate executives. The Institute is capable of fully imagining, prototyping, testing, staffing, executing and driving awareness for major theatrical, VR, broadcast, streaming, audio, stage, and/or global event projects.