The Institute


The Institute served as Agency of Record, and was tasked with developing the branding, publicity, media and worldwide go-to-market strategy and launch for two of ARC Devices, a medical technology corporation, first human vital-sign measurement products, the InstaTemp (CPG - Consumer) and InstaTemp MD (B2B - Clinical).  

Some of the biggest highlights of the endeavor including brokering a licensing deal with DC Entertainment,  supporting over 30,000 retailer relationships,  managing over two-dozen trade-show appearances, producing a riveting docu-series in Liberia featuring ARC, being nominated for 2016 Campaign of The Year by Think LA, and ARC being featured in TIME Magazine's 2016 Top 25 Best inventions of The Year. 

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Get to Know ARC Devices: Design For the Future

ARC Devices in Liberia

ARC InstaTemp MD Introduction

ARC InstaTemp - Super Mom

Introducing ARC InstaTemp MD